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The Dreams of Caledonia ©

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

(recorded by the excellent Scottish singer Kirk James)

I see her hold the morning, wi' tears in her eyes,
I see her in the rays as the sun climbs o'er the rise,
I see her on the mountains, where wild winds blow
I see her by the forest stream, where bluebells grow
I see her in the gloamin, when the sun sets on the sea
She's the spirit o' Caledonia, longin to be free.

Wo oo o oh, let the drums begin,
Wo oo o oh, one battle left to win,
Wo o o oh, we've got to make a stand,
Win back Caledonia, our heartland.

I was brought up to be proud o' a' the work I've done,
To be honest an think for myself, like father like son.
We worked by sweat-an-toil, tae fish the wildest seas
Freedom, it was in our veins, just like a summer breeze.
Rugged as the headland, he taught me right from wrong,
This land it is our homeland, and to us it should belong.

The spirit of Caledonia runs deep within my veins,
In my head and heart, it is she alone who reigns.
Her native tongue's neglected, her Independence lost,
Her resources stolen by the rich, the poor man pays the cost.
Her children are exploited; tied, taxed, and bound,
Her country owned by foreigners, we've not an inch of ground.

The Dreams of Caledonia are to see her people free,
Free from fear and hunger, to live with dignity.
Her food can feed our children; her fuel will keep us warm;
Her wealth will build us houses, protection from the storm.
We are her sons and daughters; brothers, sisters too;
The time is come to stand up an' make her dreams come true.

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