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Dream Collector ©

James M. Smith
Illinois, USA

Dream Collector, Dream Collector
Please pass by my door…
Let her stay and be my love
Just for an hour more…

At evening time when I’m asleep
My dreams are all of you…
Each night I hold you close to me
And whisper, “I love you”.
And though I have you every night,
It’s sad this way, you see…
The Collector comes with the morning light
And takes you away from me…

Repeat Refrain….

You come to me each evening…
In dreams I hold you near…
Together, then, we are, my love,
But it’s the dawn I fear…
It is the dawn I fear the most…
The Collector will come then…
When I awake he’ll find me
And take you away with him…

Repeat Refrain….

His heart is hard and cold as ice…
He gives then takes away…
He’ll sell no dream at any price
But take you back each day…
And I must bear the loneliness
Till sleep has crossed my mind,
Then he will bring you back to me,
And I will think him kind…

Repeat Refrain, Fade and End

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