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Celebrating Noel ©

Tri Tran
California, USA

Little angels from heaven high,
Singing in joyful unison;
A bright ember in turquoise wear,
Gleaming in the sky while snow falls.

Bells jingle Christmas melodies,
Echoing though the galaxy;
Harps and violins, humming joy,
My heart, a happy wren, chirping.

The misletoes float above me,
Swaying as the scarlet moon beams;
On the dreaming meadow, I stroll,
Longing to taste my first white flake.

Children, waiting to see Santa,
Playing a war of snowballs fight;
Their bliss vibrates the peaceful globe,
Bethlehem begins to sing songs.

Christmas, Christmas...Christmas, Christmas,
T'is the time to come together...
T'is the time to share love and peace...
T'is the time for the flames to dance.

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