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Carrie ©

William Denholm
Fauldhouse, Scotland

Sings and dances
In a karaoke bar
All her friends and family
They keep saying
Someday she's going to be a star
Now she's convinced
All she has to do
Is get on the stage and sing
And the record contracts will come flooding in.

Singing and dancing
At the karaoke Bar
Dreaming of the day
She'll be a star
Wants everyone to tell her
She's looking good
And sounds great
But paranoia sets in
If you mention her weight
That's when love turns to hate
Her Mama's tried everything in the book
And she don't want to listen to the sound advice
Of the old cook
Because she's become obsessed by the waif look

She would ignore the sound advice
Of the old cook
Every time she went for a break
She sat alone
And burnt up her calories
By reading a book.
She thinks everyone's impressed
By her looks
And the way she's dressed
But the last time I saw her
She looked so depressed

Just a little girl
Who's lost her way
And no matter how she tries
She can't take the blues away
Her Mama always said
She was a star in the making
But now she can't handle
The pressure her little girl's taking
Now she doesn't know what to do
How do tell young Carrie
This is not how life should be
Every day she exercises
She tells everyone
It's to keep her in trim
But all I can see
Is someone who's anorexic thin

She has mood swings
And takes medication for depression
Mamma comes to the rescue
And organizes a singing lesson!
So she can learn how to train her voice
In the hope she'll be first choice
When the record company come along
And hear her sing someone else's song
She told me
She'd met a man
And she was ready to settle down
I said, "At nineteen you should be with friends
And go for a night on the town."

Poor little Carrie
Her life's a mess
But she wants to be a success
And won't settle for anything less
She's got this thing
She thinks all she has to do
Is to get up on a stage and sing
And the record contract and money
Will come rolling in
She doesn't seem to understand
If she wants to find real success
She'll have to perform new material
With the backing of a live band

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