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Cares Of The Day ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

Dark is the night
At the sun's long decline,
Silence which falls
Says the time is now mine.
Deep in my thoughts
As the stars gently play,
I reminisce, and forget
All the cares of the day.

Days which have gone
And no more to be seen;
Things that I've done
And the places I've been.
Mem'ries of child-hood
Still fetch a wry smile,
Myriad thoughts bringing joy
That no stress can beguile.

Lost in myself
By the fire's warm glow,
Taking my time,
Sipping my wine;
Day-dreams take over,
And randomly play,
Washing away what is left
Of the cares of the day.

Dawn soon intrudes
And the magic is gone;
Yesterday fades
But today carries on.
Yet all the while
Shall my thoughts ever turn,
Dwelling on days
When my life
Was so simple to learn.

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