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Nick Dawson
Suffolk, England

Bruce stood watching the English might,
across the Bannockburn they had come to fight,
Their battle lines in mass array
They had no doubt they would win the day.
Bruce rode back to the Scottish line,
gazed upon his rank so fine,
Outnumbered and starving they boldly stood
To die for Scotland was all they could.

Stand, stand, you Scottish schiltrons!
Stand and fight with me!
Stand, stand, you Scottish schiltrons!
Stand and set your country free!

England's power upon them came,
with marshal glory of world known fame.
With Trumpets blaring and battle train,
They had come to enforce king Edward's claim.
But the Scottish line did not yield,
and stood its ground on the bloody field.
The Bannockburn ran red with English blood,
Now the pride of Edward lies in the mud.


Scotlandís freedom was won that day,
by those who would not their country betray.
With the Bruce, the Graham and the Douglas too,
The heart of Scotland beat strong and true.
So to those who try to usurp our crown,
think on these names of great renown.
The 'Flower of Scotland' stands tall and true
And will never break though we be but few!


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