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A Song on the Radio ©

words and music by Daniel James Martinusen
Cottonwood, CA, USA

(Verse 1)
He was barely eighteen, had invested everything
In the girl he loved
But when she gave him back the ring,
He sped away alone in his pickup truck
And he had every intention of ending his own life,
But a song came on his radio that made him think twice

A song on the radio
That told about a Savior
Who gave his life so he could live
And all his sins he would forgive
He’d help him through the hard times
And promised him eternal life
And Jesus filled his lonely soul
From a song on the radio

(Verse 2)
The young man headed down
To the local music store and bought his first guitar
And after many years of practice and writing songs
Became a Christian Country Star
And if you ask him he will tell you
How he got this far
And how his life was saved
The day that Jesus filled his heart from a (Repeat chorus)

A young girl’s heart was broken and all alone in her room
She turned on her radio and heard one of this man’s tunes
A song on the radio

To Listen:


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