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A Scotland Farewell ©

James M. Smith
Illinois, USA

In Scotland, green Scotland, on the east coast of Scotland,
I found her and I loved vain, I traveled on.
And time passes slowly while my heart's still turning
to those bonny shores of Scotland, though I've long since been gone...

Refrain...(repeated after each verse)..
Come away, come away from the green hills a callin'
Come away from the dew drops that fall on the moor.
For my tears say it's only my heartbeat I'm hearin'
Not the beat of the North Sea 'gainst the pale Montrose shore.

Her face is a portrait deeply etched in my memory,
And the taste of her sweet kiss is as fresh on this day
As the night I last held her and cried in her arms there
To know I must leave her, to know she must stay.......

So, here's to Scotland, green Scotland, the east coast of Scotland
And here's to the lass I loved that I left behind.
And here's to you, friend, and that tear in your eye now.
I'll drink to your sorrow if you'll drink to mine.

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