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Appearing Tonight ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

Appearing tonight, upon the stage,
Is Colonel Browne-Nose, who's the rage
Of Bethnal Green.
With stirring tales of derring-done
To listen to him is such fun,
He sets the scene
For all the colourful people
Who would like to imitate
Each other's style;
And Browne-Nose views them all
With a smile.

Yet also listed upon the bill
Is Sandra, who no doubt will fill
The air with song.
The critics love her, barring one,
Who said her songs just carry on
For far too long.
But all her beneficiaries
Keep saying she is the star,
She'll have to stay.
And Browne-Nose will doubtless
Have his say.

Appearing tonight, for all to see,
A tribe of Sioux from Broken Knee,
With much to boast.
They've fought off twenty-two Mohawks,
Armed just with rubber tomahawks;
Nine pounds a gross.
Erecting totem-poles, they'll give
A vigorous dance, then break
Into the twist;
I'll lay odds that Browne-Nose
Has a fit.

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