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A Gift of Love (Calum's Song) ©

Moira Kloos
Ontario, Canada

This man and this woman felt all alone
for they had no baby to call their own,
so they got together and both did agree,
"Let's go see the lady who'll help you and me."

The lady knew a mummy with no daddy and a home,
who had a little baby that she could'nt raise alone,
and because she loved you and wanted your best,
she asked the lady and at her request.

The lady found a mummy, a daddy and a home
and told your real mum that you'd never be alone
and she was so happy to learn and to know
that you'd have a home and love to help you.

This man and this woman are daddy and me
and we are so happy with you our baby,
we'll love you forever and hope that you'll be
as happy as we are, your daddy and me.

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