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A Cold, Dark Day in December ©

Christian Hayden
Alta Loma, USA

It's a cold, dark day in December
Mood set with dim and dismal weather
But I want us to be together
Just you and I forever

This isn't really about December
It's about all those days you wish you had
With serenity and happy memories
But they never seem to come back

And all the times that you spent
With the one you know you love
When you ran through the park and watched stars after dark
And you swore she was sent from above

You miss those days
Yet they seem so close and dear
But there is no way
--for you to sway and stop the tears

It's a foggy, damp day in September
And I know nothing lasts forever
But I'm not getting any better
Just want you and I together

This isn't really about September
It's about the smile she put on your face
With moments you savored and owned
And the way no one could ever take her place

You want her back so much
And you can recall like yesterday
All the times you joked and played
And you can almost feel her touch

Such a sweet person
And you know you're not worthy
You've tried to say
--In your special way, that you'd always be happy

It's a sad, dark day in my life
Filled with bone chilling sorrow and strife
And with each passing day and night
I lie and say I'm alright

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