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6 Questions ©

Megan Cook
Toledo, Ohio, USA

If I became a singer,
Would you want to be in my band?
If I became an actress,
Would you be my number 1 fan?

If I became an athlete,
Would you cheer me on?
If I was in need,
Would you stay with me until dawn?

If I needed a friend,
Would you be the one to call?
If I was going down,
Would you just watch me fall?

These are my six questions I have for you,
And I really hope the answers are true,
Cause I don't wanna be lied to,


I don't wanna be lied to.
No No No No
I'm done with all the lies.
Only six questions.
With six true answers.
That's all I want,
That's all I want.


Is that too much to ask for,
If it is just tell me why,
It's only 6 questions,
They'll flow right by.

(Chorus x2)

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