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Zahra, you are not Human ©

Waleed Omar
Fayoum, Egypt

While I'm standing at the top of a mountain,
Looking at my heart that bleeds like a fountain,
Apart from the world in this deserted region,
At this peak waiting for the decision,
Seeing nothing but rocks and pain,
Waiting for a cure to my thirst with rain,
Seeing a paper flying by the air,
The only living thing, flying nowhere,
Where are you death, don't you know you are the one I seek,
A decision is taken to throw myself from this peak,
Could death be a sweet hidden hope,
No more choices, it's the end of my rope,
Living in a hideous world got no start neither an end,
Ridiculous happiness that goes fast like the wind,
And here I am at the very exit,
Before throwing myself I saw something bright,
Could it be something true,
Or am I to be looking for something through,
There was an echo answering my call,
Could it be me, or someone else going to fall,
Oh, could it be a real rose,
Or am I to be insane to believe something I draw,
A real rose behind rocks living in pain like me?
Oh, what a shiver my soul was getting free,
And here I see you crying,
just like me when I was dying,
But you know, each one of us was looking for the other,
And here at last a little bliss made us together,
This was the start of our story,
That will revive our glory,
I saw her smiling with a blushing face,
With this pure innocent soul that's not from human race,
These wide deep eyes,
That look like something flies,
These beautiful lips, crimson and lovely,
And this mingle of white and red in her cheeks is so lovely,
Zahra, may I call you my love?
Zahra you are so peaceful more than a dove,
You cured my death agonies,
And my emotions they told me they were ebonies,
You are so sweet when you are blushing and shy,
I know you are trapped since to me you long to fly,
Zahra, may I tell you, your heart is my bay,
Where I long to go and stay,
When you kiss me a kiss,
My lips can't tell you my bliss,
May I die between your arms,
My immortal is between your arms,
I love you Zahra forever,
I will never leave you, no never.

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