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You could not make it up! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Now children don't be naughty
and please all try to understand
that because of this daft P C headmaster
you are now banned from holding hands
and laddies now please listen as well
for this head is talking to you all
you must stand still when in the playground
and don't you dare kick about a ball
for the nanny state has got its way
and P C idiots now run our schools
as they treat our kids like robots
and say the rest of us are fools
ye gods where do they dig them up
these so called pillars of education
who proliferate in all our schools
and destroy each new generation
I often wonder what these teachers do
As they sweat and toil from nine till four
Then scarper off in their nice cars
As they all dive out the door
They are supposed to be there to educate
In our schools by day and night
So please can someone answer me
Why can't our kids now read or write
Our Scottish education was for many years
Considered great in years long past
But now we turn out useless morons
And we are now bottom of the class
So let's get rid of all these P C teachers
Who are all past their sell by date
By giving them all their jotters
And ushering them all out the gate
Then our kids could all start playing games
In the playgrounds in our schools
And girls could again start holding hands
If we get rid of all these P C fools

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