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You Are the Light of My Tunnel ©

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

Behind the wire of all despair,
lay the shadows glued in the mud...
Like ghosts, they roam through
a cold air, in search of
light melt in warm

For years I've walked
through a tunnel; this veil of
darkness leads nowhere!
Barefooted thoughts that must
beware numerous traps
along its wall.

Whistling dreams in a corn field,
hiding puppies that flourish
low; blinded by tears, sons
of sorrow, I'm kneeling there,
torn is my shield.

Braving fire and their bullets,
my wounded hands have felt
the heat of a warm soul,
whose heart can beat
to blast away ice parapets.

My search for life has begun here,
blessed by this ground, scorched
by his light; no vagrant soul
to haunt this fear, it has
vanished, gone with my fright.

An armistice to seal the deal -
silencing guns once and for
all... Time heals the scars
of our ordeal, but it is
slow - so deep our fall.

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