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You Are a Quiet Child ©

Andrea R M Fletcher

Child, Child, try to understand that you are a quiet child
Please don't think because you are quiet
That you are not aware of what is going on around you.

You don't give any trouble
You are not running around
The classroom making noises,
You sit away from some of the other children
Teacher, you asked my mom

"What is wrong with your child" You asked my mom.
"Is your child sick?"

You are a quiet child!

You like to do your class assignments quietly
And besides, You are tenacious
You are determined to focus on your school work.

What is wrong with some of the other children you say?
Maybe there is something wrong with them,

They are too loud
They pick fights
Essentially, they are troublesome.

You are the quiet one
Who does not get in trouble.

Too quiet at times for some to understand

Child, please only be concerned
If you are a troubled child,
Which you know
you are not

The truth is, Child,
You understand yourself

You are a quiet child!

Teacher, do you understand every child?

Maybe not, the teacher says

So see, Child
You are a quiet child!

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