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Yes, I am a Hippy ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

They say I'm a Hippy because my hair and beard is long
I wear some beads and my style of clothes to them is all wrong
And I write against wars and battles and strife
Within my protest songs and my poetry of life
Peace and love is my middle name and in my heart I play a crying game
The people of today have no time to feel peace and joy in their heart
On the conveyor belt of life where they can never part
Each day to them is always the same making money so they can have financial gain
I don't need all the coloured joys, gold bullion and electric toys
The mobile phone with the glowing lights
The High rise flats with their faraway sights
Just give me tranquillity, peace and love, that's all that humans ever need
And getting our 'high' from sunsets and the joys of birth and not just from weed

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