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Yearnings in My Heart ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

Butterflies across the river
Memories that will live forever,
The swirling mist down in the glen
I long to be back home again.

In the night, when in a dream
I walk across the moor,
The swirling wood-smoke from the pine's
Go on forever more.

Cattle grazing in fields of clover
Long summer nights will soon be over,
Hedgerows are now in full bloom
Preparing for the winter soon.

Winter with hard frost and snow
Windows with night lights aglow,
Pathways covered with soft snowflakes
Disappearing at daybreak.

Soft splashing in the stream below
As trout swim to and fro,
Snowdrops on the forest floor
Sweet soft roses round our front door.

A summer seat, my favourite place
Where I just sit and ponder,
The timeless past, my boyhood days
My homeland, ever yonder.

Mountain that slopes down to the sea
Where memories linger ever,
Walk ways through the heather hills
Scotland I love you forever.

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