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Worst of Nature, Best of Humanity ©

Such fear and dread and solidarity in the wake of the Tsunami !

Hamish M Anstruther

No gentle ripple on a tranquil loch
Remote from town and isolate
No rain cloud bursting in a Scottish glen
Nor Highland burn in Autumn spate

But seismic growling near a happy shore
Where children play while mothers wait
And foaming fury on an Asian wave
Angry with shock and raging hate

What have they done to incur the wrath
Of Nature, indiscriminate?
No gender, belief, or age was spared
Thousands rendered desolate

But caring people from every land
Did not waste time nor hesitate
To rally support and offer their aid
For needy souls so desperate

Then, raising voices and imploring hands
With earnest hope they supplicate
Beseeching their Gods to send down mercy
On all those so unfortunate

For future earthquakes in another sea
Wherever they could devastate
All Global Powers must manage it right
And Tsunamis' force attenuate

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