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Words! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

My musing mindís awash with words as thoughts come and go
on this never ending sea of life that is ebbing to and fro.
for they pursue me in my sleep and clutter up my dreams
till they pour out as in a flood or like a torrent in a stream
then as they cascade tumbling down they are not hard to find
as I catch and put them into verse from the river of my mind
I write of things I say and do and I speak of lifeís reverses
for I get some satisfaction when I turn them into verses
I versify to fill my time of that there is no denying
for I find solace in my verse and peace in versifying
the verses come the verses go the words come tumbling out
as if to say that to be free is what life is all about
I write of what I see and hear in this topsy turvy world
and my life is a kaleidoscope as its colours slow unfurl.
'tis a never ending story of verses and of chapters
where some endure the sadness and some rejoice in raptures
yet those in life who feel no pain will never know the joy
that in the bloom of ripening youth is felt by every boy
In my poetry and verses I find sweet content of mind
for when I put pen to paper I relax and then unwind
my musing mind it will not rest and will not give me peace
for only when I versify do I get sweet release
for as I lay me down to rest and try to get some sleep
the verses still come tumbling out as if they could not keep
I wonder why they cannot wait as in my mind they're forming
they seem to think I may forget if I leave it until morning
so now I play their little game but it is done my way instead
for I now type them on my processor before I go to bed
and now my little verse is done and with your wishes I'm complying
do you mind if I now get some sleep for I have finished versifying

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