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Wishes ©

Mystery Rose

May your houses be filled with laughter
May you have enough to eat
Together time at the table
For all who comes to greet

New Year brings "hopes" for the upcoming year
May you have enough cheer to hold loved ones dear

I know sometimes there are many who have no place to call home
Who just need a little bit of earth to lay their weary bones
For those of us who have plenty
Please reach out to those who don't
You never know how much you saved the life
By your humanly touch

There are angels here and angels there
They come in the middle of a terrible storm
They come with lighted candles to keep us all warm

These angels reach out to us
When times are extremely tough
We only need to be still
So they can wrap their wings of love

Sometimes we only think of great tidings and good cheer
Around the time of Christmas
But Christmas should be all year
Needs don't come just on holidays
People need you today
Reach out to another
Be their angel for always

I wish for great things for all of you
God Bless and hope for a prosperous upcoming year
We stand together in hopes
Of peace, love and of great cheer.

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