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Mystery Rose

Wake up; Wake Up the inner voice speaks
When is it that you will live life in which you seek?
Obstacles are labeled in many different names
Some call them challenges at least they can be tamed
If only I could bring order to this mess
If only I could find reasons to want to pass the test
Life doesnít wait for anyone,
It doesnít wait for us
It just keeps moving we must keep up
You canít run from it, you canít hide from it
You face whatís on your plate
Maybe you will need to purchase a platter
To hold all the weight
Struggles in our daily lives
Just keep you from being satisfied
Problems seem to erupt like a volcano
It is all about how you make the strides
When life hands you lemons do you make lemonade?
Do you accept or do you delay
What the inevitable will display
Depression comes from something we didnít want to happen to us
Itís like some gray matter that lives within us
Happiness comes from being satisfied
How do you get to that level if all you do is hide?

How do you make the journey?
How do you make it through?
When do you start living?
When do you stop looking at that closed door?
Whenever one door closes
One opens for you
Somehow you change the course in order to make it through
Life didnít promise the day you were born
To build a bed of roses, or to not have any thorns
Sometimes life gives you a person
That is put in your life
Sometimes that person decides this is not right
Sometimes the life we live
Wonít give us enough to pay our bills
Sometimes the life we live
We become broken, shattered and torn
For in this life we are very worn
Hearts maybe heavy, tragedies strike with fury
Hold on to someone that has reached for you
Let them hold you until you can stand on your own
Everyday is filled with opportunities to live your life
Let nothing stand in your way to the journey that is right
If you fall down, get right back up
Maybe you just need to purchase a helmet for your butt
Donít give up and never give in
For your journey you seek there is no end
Listen to the voice within
One step more you just might win

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