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Window on the World ©

H Marshall

through my window this morning
I gazed helpless at the world
one more sinister dawning
before my eyes unfurled

loud sporadic explosions
perforated my deaf ears
more mutilated bodies
confirmed my greatest fears

blood on the streets of New York
death in a Club in Bali
Madrid folk going to work
massacred without pity

wild carnage in Palestine
misguided perversity
mass murder in Israel
fearsome vile atrocity

a boy wearing a bomb belt
intent on mad suicide
wonder how his mother felt
about random homicide?

brave young soldiers in flames
engulfed by petrol bombs
unidentified names
buried in rubble tombs

a Spring view should be hopeful
filled with vibrant new life
instead, my eyes are flooded
by anguished scenes of strife

killing without sentiment
strikes like a lightning rod
across ev'ry continent------
Please, stop! In the name of God!


  • this photo was taken in the southern Iraqi city of Basra on 22nd of March 2004
  • here we see British troops covered in flames from petrol bombs
  • the bombs were thrown during a violent protest by unemployed Iraqi youths
  • 14 British soldiers were wounded in this incident

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