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Will I do ©

John Murray
Larkhall, Scotland

Sitting here wondering how is my world meant to carry on,
Standing there understanding how my world has come,
Waiting on you to notice what I have to offer,
Figuring out where I stand in your life or if I have a place in your life,
What I have said to you and what those words have done,
Not knowing if the words I have spoken have confused you,
Wanting to open your eyes and see how you feel.

It’s hard to look and not show or act on what I see,
The feelings I have want me and you to become we,
Not to drag you down, not to let you not be free,
You hold a decline in age towards myself,
May that be true but you have a rising maturity,
Through my eyes your body and mind are full of purity,
I may not know you all that well, but I am certain my words are sure.

Crumbling when I see and speak to you; I miss you when you’re not around,
The smell of your perfume and your voice for the soft sweet sound,
Lost until I met you, going in circles, thanks to you I have now been found,
Those sparkles in your eyes when you gaze,
The twitch on your nose when you smile.

I have lived my life like a roll of a dice,
Not planning ahead, not getting committed to anyone or anything,
The fear of losing the one thing I will love,
Standing back letting the world pass me by,
Watching the ones I have had feelings for go on and love another,
Listening as others have said I was stupid or shy,
Truth is known I just could not stand to hurt anyone I love,
My friends go from one partner to another almost everyday,
I couldn’t I have to find someone and love her and maybe one day say “I do”,
I found you; will you be the one to let me love you?

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