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Whuppity Scoorie ©

Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

I often used tae wonder
Foo pennies clattered doon,
Amang a weddin' party
Far bairnies githered roon.

The muckle fun o' scrambles
Is sic a sicht tae see,
Cause githerin' o' the money
Lies in oor history.

T'wis doon in native Lanark
Far Church bells widna ring,
Fae end o' Summer Solstice
Tae wakenin' o' the Spring.

The Vicars feared the spirits
Wid tak' the upper han'
An' steal awa' the season
That fertilised the lan'.

Cooncillors set aboot a plan
In favour o' the Kirk,
Tae drive awa' the fairies
Wi' frolics an' wi' irk.

They used the want o' Winter
Tae organise a game,
Far bairnies could be noisy
An' droon the Devil's flame.

They ran aroon the Kirkyard
Wi' paper ba's an' tow,
An' swung them roon in circles
Amidst an' afa row.

An' fan the game wis ended
Wi' evil scared awa'
The Cooncillors threw some pennies
Tae bring guid luck tae a'.

Today this ancient custom
Is used tae symbolise
The birth o' new beginnings
An' free fae spirit ties.

The scramble o' the pennies,
The clatter o' the din,
Aye helps tae keep the bogles
Awa' fae kith an' kin.

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