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Where the Seasons Meet ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

Never I've been so alone,
My sky was taken away
Where the winds blow
And the seasons meet to obey
The last hours in spring!
Summer knocked at my door.
Life is perhaps a ring
Of fire which I cannot ignore.
My whole existence has been a search,
Digging for roots in different lands.
There's the thistle and here's the birch.
I've to cope with my soul's handstands.
Never I've been so alone,
My heart was broken in two pieces
Where the rivers flow
And the seasons meet to release
Each other on the first day in summer!
I dare to dream and to ask
Why things are over for a latecomer
Like me and quietly I take to task
The destiny I will not get rid of in time,
No matter how much I hate the loss.
Send me a branch of your wild mountain thyme
To remind this lost daughter of the ranges' gloss.

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