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What is it About Fishermen? ©

by Hamish M Anstruther

Why do they stand there,
Thrashing away?
Reeling them in,
Giving them more play.

Soaked to the skin,
Cold and hungry.
Not for an hour,
But the whole damn day!

Catch them and release,
Brag about size.
What is the truth?
Is it all just lies?

With new fangled lines,
Nets with fine gauge.
The newest gear,
Being all the rage!

Avidly reading,
Latest approach.
Dabblers and slicks,
For salmon and roach.

The rest of the week,
They're so formal.
Like you and me,
They look quite normal.

Come the next weekend....
To the river!
Cold, wet, fish oil....
Affects their liver!

Fishing in the Mist

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