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What a Life! ©

by Hamish M Anstruther

I feel that life
has passed me by,
even though
I really try,
to use computers.

I look ahead
and feel afraid
in case my pension
won't get paid,
when I am older.

When my kids say
I should be cool,
I get confused
and feel a fool.
I'm not that hot!

I listen to
the sound of rap
and think it's such
a load of crap,
to a 'grey oldie'.

What happened to
the sounds I knew?
Sinatra, Shand
and Deacon Blue.
That was real music!

I lock my doors
in my own prison,
because of crime
and terrorism.

I thought the world
would learn by now
to harmonise
instead of row,
and go to war.

What future will I
leave my kids?
Global warming,
racism and aids,
and more divorce?

And when I die
who will care....
except the taxman?
He'll want his share.
But I won't miss it!

I will miss my music
in my last repose.
But hopefully,
I will just slowly....

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