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What About Personality? ©

Scott G Stewart
Bridge Of Don, Aberdeen, Scotland

What about personality?
What's locked behind those doors of someone else's perception?
What secrets does one hold?
What lies do they hold so determined?

I'm sick of foul, frowned personas!
Just another selfless act of greed and anger!
Anguish at others to pursue their own self right!
Why all the aggravation, slaggings and fuelled deprivation?

How can we as a society still live by rules of Neanderthals?
Why not let grace take hold?
Have religion rich within our culture?
Don't care what the next person believes!

Why kill in the name of god; just because they don't?
They have something so close to their inner soul.
Why turn your back on a beggar? Why beg with no true need?
Why kill? Why help?

Our whole world lives on a why!
We could live so much richer lives,
Stop caring for our own messed up pointless problems!
Let's begin a quest, to help!

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