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Welcome Home Ally ©

John J Turner Sen.
Glasgow, Scotland

One evening I went down to Mack's
And found that the place was buzzin'
Instead of the odd friendly face
I found there were faces by the dozen.

Seeing Andra, who was with big Boab,
I asked them, 'Why the hullabaloo?'
They said that Ally is getting out,
This was a welcome home do.

Now Ally, he was a bit of a legend
I don't doubt the stories are true.
Yet the amount of time he's been inside,
I think they made up more than a few.

I was getting tired of hearing his exploits
And just wanted to meet the man,
When one of the punters strolled on in
Saying, 'Whit's way the polis van?'

He was followed by Ally's brother
Who was looking rather grim.
'Ally'll no be in the night boays
Fur the polis huv liftit him.'

It seems he had expected a do
And wanting to look his very best,
He was in the process of stealing a suit
When the Police made the arrest.

The Police, they all knew Ally well,
So when he asked for a small detour,
They agreed and drove past Mack's
Just so Ally could look through the door.

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