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Wee Flower of Bonny Scotland ©

Prologue by the author:
Please be advised that this poem sort of guided me through its own creation. I actually donít agree with any of it, it just happened to take me to where it ended up. If it offends then, oops, sorry!

Iím a Scot but also a Brit, we must never leave the sense of family and community offered by a united Britain. Weíre not perfect Britain, we just happen to be Great Britain. That said, if Nationalists feel that they can empathise with it, then they have my permission to use it in any way they wish. Respect, Baba!

Stewarton, Scotland

Wee flower of bonny Scotland you are not a single bloom
Europe is the garden which prevents your withered doom
Echo independence calls, the seeds that you must nurture
Flourish now, my bonny bud, for thatís your very nature

Leave behind the English weed that has strangled Scottish voice
Out of independence comes that freedom found in choice
Wilt no more: escape your bonds, the shadow of their rose
Escape the shackles they imposed, the ones you never chose

Remember that you have a past, you were a sovereign nation
Our bonny bloom so sadly plucked by English cultivation
Find your roots and search your soul, is this where we belong?
Believe, just once, you have the chance, to right this crushing wrong

Only you can make that stand, and stem the English tide
Nowís the time to have your say, itís not the time to hide
Noble Scot, turn your thoughts towards your new tomorrow
Yesterday has come and gone, to our future plough your furrow

Supplant our flag with national pride within the European garden
Come, unite, demand your right, that England grant you pardon
Our senses dulled, we cannot see, weíve forgotten weíre in prison
The time has come to see again and restore our nationís vision

Let us grasp our future, from Englandís iron nettled grip
And let our nation live again, donít allow this chance to slip
Now vote for independence, votingís not an act of treason
Deliver us from England: do you need a better reason?

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