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Wedding ©

Stewarton, Scotland

A sun split sky no hint of a cloud
Sunlight bathed an expectant crowd
You emerged from carriage- bouquet clasped
A stunning sight- there was a gasp

A vicar, greeted with outstretched arms
I'm sure he blushed at your Regal charms
And there I waited emotionally drowning
My wife to be -our love- the crowning

He married us then, in the sight of God
Our love -no sham- no wanton fraud
We left the church with guests in tow
My wife and I - a blessed glow

We had the speeches and the meals
And after that we danced some reels
Our families mingled with each other
Without a hint of any bother

Your uncle Ted- he kicked it off
Acting like an arrogant toff
Pushing and shoving began from my side
My family, my dear, they still have their pride

The trouble began as a skirmish at first
The sad result of booze quenched thirst
Sides were taken and so it spread
A moment dear I filled with dread

Fingers pointing, smiling like sharks
A tongue wagging chatter - resembling barks
They circled around like wolves at a feast
Drinking in packs, releasing their beasts

A red sea parting of the dance floor - divided
No sanctuary offered for neutral provided
The vicar alone on this seabed remained
Praying to God that peace be retained

Hands pushed against an invisible tide
He held them apart to prevent the collide
A pious moment of calm interdiction
A marionette picture of mock crucifixion

The two sides crashed like waves on a reef
The vicar shaken beyond his brief
Swam to the shore through bodies waist deep
Looked back -like Lott -on the writhing heap

The police arrived and hauled folk away
A remarkable way to end the day
Families up before the beak
Bathed in alcoholic reek

So now you want to part with me
And leave me shamed on bended knee
Stormy end - our marriage a twister
By the way I slept with your sister

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