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Waverley Cruise ©

Stewarton, Scotland

Waverley, majestically, the monarch of the quays
Willingly, seductively, the darling of the seas
Churning up the waters with froth and bustle in her wake
Restored to her full glory, lest her bygone age forsake

Sedately round the islands, we enjoy her regal cruise
That special form of travel which discerning public choose
Passing by the shorelines of the endless waterways
Folk on shore will pause awhile: and cast their envious gaze

Her rhythmic shiny engines with that subtle hint of grease
Her unique design and craftsmanship will put you at your ease
The pulsing of her pistons is the pounding of her heart
Submissive sea surrenders as her bows the waters part

And when she berths at quayside, meet inhabitants of land
She'll orchestrate their passage like the playing of a band
Effortless, romantically she's gliding glassy surf
Akin athletic thoroughbred riding grassy turf

As she clears the jetty, parting full steam dead ahead
There's caring engineers below ensuring she's well fed
She purrs along respectfully 'neath the ever changing sky
Responding to her captain's call, she gives no hue and cry

No hint of messy cargo, this lady is no tramp
When it comes to paddle power, well, she clearly is the champ
Outnumbered by the modern ship but first within her class
She's queen upon the waters common vessels cannot pass

I'm glad I stood upon her decks, a thing I won't forget
I'm glad I shared some time with her, a thing I don't regret
She satisfied in every way, that voyage I had sought
Like Peter Pan, my spirits freed, historic shadow caught

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