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Wars End ©

John J Turner Sen.
Glasgow, Scotland

From the blood soaked beaches of Normandy
They had to fight every inch of the way
Unable even to count their dead
Before they entered into Germany.

When They learned the enemy was beaten
They believed the horror was done
That they could once more dream of home
Then they were faced with another one.

Ordered to be on a morning parade
Dressed in the best of kit
They all looked a little incongruous
As the uniforms did not quite fit.

Then they were marched up to a camp
Ordered to keep their heads up high
By the time that they marched out
Not a single one had a dry eye.

The sights in there would haunt them
For many and many a year
Most of them damned the command
That forced their tired bodies there.

There was no counseling for them
It was not deemed necessary you know
So these poor battle wearied souls
Back home to their families would go.

Some picked up where they left off
Others found they could not cope
For the horrors seen in that camp
seemed to have robbed them of all hope.

Now some claim that the holocaust
Was just another allied ruse
Others demean those poor souls
Using their terror as an excuse.

You can only honour those victims
By showing love for your fellow man
And by rejecting those hawks of war
As you know they do not give a damn.

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