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War and Time ©

Alisdaire O'Caoimph
Lavergne, USA

Pity marks the words that form
out of the anger, the torrid storm
We gather all in views and thoughts
like drifting images, very small dots.
I hear them cry, To War! To War!
On distant fields the battles soar
Dreams forgotten, time disdained
the fallen hero, the Soul retained
we fight, we fight, for what we stand
In deaths Illusions on field or sand
Distant to us, the pain they feel
Of Battle Axe or a sabers steel
there is no moment in time to tell
the Victors of this demented Hell.
But on and on, we roll, we fall
the same old story, the same old call
I see you there and you me here
two thudding hearts silenced in fear
the shot it rings upon the air
the moments left, the empty stare
saddened all to death's sweet chamber
the fallen Soul, the Spirits Danger.
Now mortal man take fight and flee
for that which none can truly see
We live, we die, and carry on
with hero's words and a martyr's song.

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