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Walking Together ©

(The Brotherhood of Men)

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

The breath of God lives through the Hajj -
From the four corners of the world
The Love of God is no mirage;
The dream of going to Mecca.

They come to pray - connect to God...
They must gather and reach their shrine;
A sea of men in the wisdom -
Deep in their heart Allah will shine.

Barefooted souls in the desert
Forgetting greed, everyday life;
The faith in God does not divert -
The pilgrimage of a lifetime.

Under the cloth they rub shoulders;
King and farmer, one sole shelter...
The wealth of God unites brothers -
The veil of war does not deter.

On the way, five daily prayers,
A voyage in humility...
The ultimate expression
Of Muslim solidarity.

From London or America,
They may be torn by loyalties -
Their belief leads them to Mecca...
To cleanse their souls, no boundaries.

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