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Visions of my Soul ©

Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

The City lights are dreaming
And the ship in the harbour is waiting
Mystic dancers dance on the water of life
Snow falling over the hills, near the black mountains
Pearls of roses you send to my longing heart
With a kiss of romance and tenderness
The landscape around me falls in a white dress
I feel like a child on a boat on a river
Touched by the first silver light
I can see your gentle lips on mine
Far away there is a longing heart
With love so strong, so pure like the smell of sunshine
Lonely I stand on the ship of my soul
Tonight the wind carries me into your dreams
You are my rose and my bride of a lifetime
Whispering candles ride across my sea of visions
Over a night sky of forgotten ancient feelings
We walk hand in hand to the fields of the young love
To wash away the memories of old ghosts
In our longing hearts

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