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Vishnu Waves ©

Jim Gimzewski
Santa Monica, USA

My mind gives way
to my heart
the waves of red blood
Gaia in me, electrons strings
on an old cello
played in the corner
by a ragged man
I hear my Indian friend chant
in Beijing in December
we are but waves and waves
the planet but waves
our thoughts but waves
The Tsunami says one word
we stop, but do we hear
the one word
add the people
we have killed
in our silence
say the word inside
shout the word in the street
listen to the waves
of love, love
for that love
is just a moment in time
for hate dig two graves
for love is all you have
for hope
all you have at all
the water passes
like wave of fire of 9-11
you are alive to read this poem
open the heart
to love, creation, destruction
the sole placeholder
of soul, love.

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