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Valentines Card ©

Stewarton, Scotland

Valentines Day, a time for love and gifts of our affection
But will I get a card this year or suffer cruel rejection?
The schoolyard post at fever pitch, passing hand to eager hand
But love slips through my fingers like so many grains of sand

Someone out there love me please: don稚 leave me feeling rotten
Don稚 leave me standing, in this crowd, as one of love's forgotten
Surely there is someone who値l ensure my heart's not broken
I beg you please, no matter whom, just one wee tiny token

On and on the chain mail goes, to some other destination
And still I wait, and still no card, I wilt in resignation
Deliveries are slowing now, a trickle thins to crawl
And all those lovely people start to count their loving haul

I知 left out and I知 card-less, I知 unpopular: a geek
Valentines Day, a time for love, unless you are a freak!
I値l take revenge on all of them, on every heartless creature
I値l make them pay, oh yes I will, cause I知 a bloody teacher!

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