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Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

Many millions of years ago,
a giant walked the land.
It was a Tyrannosaurus
and looked so very grand.

It had lots of jaggy teeth
and liked to eat raw meat.
It could be really scary
and it had great big feet.

It was really ferocious,
a very vicious thing.
Others ran, when it was coming,
as it ate, most anything.

I have a Tyrannosaurus
but it's a cuddly toy.
The only type of dinosaur
that's safe to enjoy.

She is so very cuddly,
not like the other one.
You can play with her in safety
and have a lot of fun.

Her name is Annosaurus
which is a silly name.
She sits beside me everyday
and always looks the same.

She's nothing like the real one,
I wish you all could see.
She is so sweet and cuddly
and won't devour me.

So if you want a dinosaur,
get one just like mine.
She will not try to eat you
and will love you all the time.

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