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Twin Tower Tragedy! ©

A Scottish visitor to the U.S.A. September 2001

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Osama man, what have you done, to the folks in New York town,
for you turned the world against you, when those towers came tumbling down?
In the twisted logic of your mind, you claim you fight for Allah,
but with this heinous, cowardly act, you are barred now from Valhalla.
Where will you go, what will you do, you now have no place to run
so where will you find a bolt hole now, on this earth and in the sun?
You really are, a stupid man, if you think that you can win
and when you go to meet your God, will you then confess your sin?
For when you meet your great Allah, in the future face to face,
he will tell you, you have gravely sinned and that you are a disgrace.
You may think you fight a holy war, by declaring a Jihad,
but true Moslems around the world, know that what you did was bad!
For all you power mad demagogues, all have a fatal flaw,
thinking you can walk on water and that you are above the law.
Where does it say, in your Koran, that you can murder, maim and slaughter,
or that you have the right to ostracise, your obedient wives and daughters?
With this senseless act of treachery, you awoke the Tiger from it's slumber
and as you cower in your cave at night, you now have time to think and ponder.
How could you be so vain and stupid, when what you did was so insane
and did you really think, in your tiny mind, that you could win the game?
For all you have accomplished, with your total lack of trust,
is to unite the world against you, when you turned those 'Twin Towers' into dust.
No doubt you think that you are right, in your twisted, diseased mind,
but you will be reviled and cursed by all civilised mankind.
The aftermath of what you did, will cause a lot of pain
and as the Afghans flee in millions, they will defame and curse your name!
For in history, you will go down, as a cringing, cowardly cur,
who sent your followers to certain death and tried to start a 'Holy War'.
So cower in your hidden caves, out of the wind and sun
and make no mistake, you cowardly swine, your evil course is run.
For no one wants to know you now and you should not be surprised,
that by sane men around the world, you are now shunned and ostracised.
I have never been a violent man, but this fact I now have to tell,
Osama, man, I curse your name and I hope you roast in hell!

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