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Turn it Over! ©

Victoria Barklamb
Sutton, England

"Those poor people!" my mother said, as news 24 showed visions of the shore being raped by the waves from the sea
and on boxing day, my sister declared, as we watched unaware, "Oh my God! I'm so glad it's not me!"
"Turn it over!" I said, as I watched the distraught, saw the chaos, destruction that nature had brought.
We listened in silence to the screams and the violence from muffled camcorders that tourists had bought.
Bad news is common; this will soon be forgotten, replaced by terrorism, war and the plight of the poor.
As the days past the devastation was vast, the death toll rising fast and high, too high for the world to ignore.
My heart opened wide, as thousands died, I felt angry, sad and ashamed. "Turn it over!" I'd said.
The world came together because of the weather and will never again turn over from the dead.

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