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Trust In The Almighty ©

Elizabeth Allan
Ontario, Canada

The Lord shields me when I'm frightened,
when I'm unprotected and cold.
God is with me always and I know I'm not alone.
Life is from Him, our world because of Him.
In all we have become give praise to the Lord!
He is our God.
Fear not when you speak His name
in a place where it is not spoken.
Give praise for what He has made
and care for what He has given.
Look up and set thine eyes unto His light
and trust in His love.
Live like there is no tomorrow,
yet confide in God your plans
and He will become more than God.
He will also become your friend.
Fear Him, with your soul,
yet love Him as a Father,
for He has given His life for you,
so that you can be forgiven.
Never shield His glory from you.
Do not look away,
for that door is waiting
for you to open it someday.
Do not be depressed,
though you may feel that way,
for there's hope,
God is with us.
Do not be dismayed.

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