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True To Me ©

Mystery Rose

I hope that my life will take me down paths
That open many opportunities and they all will last
I want to be so many things
But true to me is my real dream.

At what age do you reflect and look back again and again
Or do you just turn to face the wind?
Right now I seem to be on this path
That's winding and twisted and full of grass

What beautiful music
My heart sings
I smile at everyone
Although it seems
That the world smiles back if your heart sings

I am so happy and full of life
I am not here to tell the tales of woe
But to let anyone who reads this really know
There is life after trauma, turmoil and down flights
There is a world of kindness in sight

Smile at the world and it will smile at you
Give back and pay forward what has been in life
Help those who need it - NEVER THINK TWICE!

The man on the corner is standing there at the stoplight
He is holding a sign and asking for help,
Don't turn away, if you have nothing to give
Give him your respect by nodding at him

I wish to be so many things
But true to me is my real dream
Don't forget where you came from
Don't forget to show respect
Life turns and twists and sometimes it can be a real mess

Do right with what your heart may sing
Listen closely to hear that real theme
Life is waiting for you and me
Don't worry what others may think
Hold your head up and let your heart sing
Be true to you, that is my real dream.

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