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Tribute to Kelty Folk ©

Jonn Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

Oh whaur is thi Kelty whaur a yaised tae bide
Wi aw thi miners hooses aw staunin side bi side
Whaur ye kent evri neebor frae thi furst door tae thi third
Ain tae keep yer door shut wid hae bein awfae absurd.

Whaur air aw thi bairns thit plaid in thi street
Wi' a guidir, ain an auld tyre, ain a wee lassie wid aiwis greet
Kin thay stull cadge thi peeces aur drap aff a dike
Play horsey ma back, kick a can thirti, ain ithirs ye like

Ain whaurs Maggi Watson's shop thit a yaised tae bie
A stane o tatties, ain a tuppenny pie
Ain a bag o broken biscuits, ain a wee soda scone
Ain Maggi wid aye asked, "Hoose yer Mithir gettin on?"

Whaur ais Corrieri's icey shop thit a kent sae well
Ain Mario's cafe whaur thi yaised tae sell
Hot peas, a 99, chipped tatties in a poke
Ye kent he wis ain eyetie thi minit ay spoke

Dae ye mind thi ootside lavvys ais cauld ais a cell
Thi string wis aiwis aff thi cistern a remembir it well
I wid sit wi' a caun'le, ain keekit ait thi rags
A win fir Kelty Herts, ain defeet fir thi Jags

Whaurs thit single deckir bus thi ay did a ton
Doon thi Great North road on thi Burntisland run,
Thi clippi aye kent hoo tae deal wi thi Ballingry naff
"If yer gaun, weel come oan! ,,,,,,, If yer no, weel git aff!"

A think o' aw thi days o' ma coal board hame,
Thi hae aw fanci hooses noo bit thair nae jist thi saim
aull swop aw yer motorwis, flyowers ain yer car jams
Fir a tuppeny ride oan wan othay auld Kelty trams

Gaun is thi Kelty thit a yaised tae ken
Big Wullie, Wee Tiko, thi Goth ain thi Coop
Big Fatti Ross ain big Shandi the glaikit big dreep
Yer fitbas oan thi slates, ain yer gas in a peep

Thaise daes werny rosie ain thi muney wis tite
Thi pockit muni neer finishd bi Seterdae nite
Bit stull wi wid cum throo it, aw thi holes ain thi ruts
Thay reasin wis simpil......Thi Kelty folk aw hid guts!

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