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Trains ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

Trains, trains chugging along.
Running on tracks to the chugging song.
Stopping at stations along the line.
People getting on and off and making good time.

People sitting on the train,
drinking cups of tea.
Working with their laptops,
or writing just like me.

Some are reading magazines.
Others reading books.
Children trying to keep amused.
Mothers shouting "woops".

Some may be sleeping,
some rest their eyes.
But with a long journey,
it is no surprise.

The train it keeps chugging,
until it gets us there.
To the places we are going,
be it here or be it there.

We get to where we want to,
so thankful for the train.
Although it keeps on chugging,
it gets there just the same.

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