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To Verse ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

I let people read my verses and writing them is fun
for it satisfies a need in me that is not for everyone
Though some of them are serious very deep and most profound
I find a sense of humour in my verses can be found
Was it really fifty years ago that I began to write
as I burned the midnight candle and sat writing through the night.
I was a young man all confused at what was wrong and what was right
and to come to a conclusion was a long hard uphill fight.
When I rejected all the bigotry and the cant of worn out creeds,
I discovered in my poetry that I could satisfy my needs.
I can write in any metre in blank verse or rhyming prose
and it can be in deep profundity or in the smell of a sweet rose
For no matter what the subject is when I sit down to write
I seldom need to edit it for it usually comes out right
I have written of my travels in all these places I have been
and described all kinds of people in life's fascinating scene
Of the funny ones and sad ones and of those who cannot cope
but if it brings them inspiration at least it gives them hope.
For the trials and tribulations of this life are never done
and I will record it in my verses for my best is yet to come

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