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Tony o' Blair: ©

A Political Squib in Octosyllabic Couplet

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

When peace protestors tak the street
And westerners Iraqi's meet
While we sit gaukin at the telly
And lining beer in oor belly
We think upo' the very poor
Their dingy dives o' damp and stour
Whas blood Saddam has bled before
The Kurds he scattered from his shore -
The refugees who fled his reign
His terror, torture and its pain
Sae distant, far across the world
Their plight has many banners furled.

This truth fand honest Tony Blair
As he in Glesca did declare
Saddam's great inhumanity
Cannot go on unchecked and free.

O Tony! were thee half sae wise
As taen thine ain guid folks advice
We warn'd thee weel 'Not in Our Name'
Thou are nae Churchill fash'd on fame
Resolutions frae October
Demand action, fair and sober:
Gie inspectors time and siller
Evidence convicts a killer!
We prophesied that late or soon
Saddam's regime will tumble doon.
Thou we know hae facts that damn him -
British weapons once did arm him!
The arsenal now that he has got
Is from the U.S. and our lot!
You know his weapons and deceits
You have copies of the receipts!
And so we see - you understand
You rule us too with slight of hand.

But wars are like wild virus' spread
You start the battle, blood is shed
It's always others who must die
When cruise missiles rain from the sky
The fox is snug within his lair
And will not lose a wisp o' hair
The innocent will die in droves
Or starve in want o' fish and loaves.
The target that you seek tae blast
Is in a bunker iron cast.

U.N. embargo's kill the poor
Go count the bodies on a tour!
This we do to curb his power
But come the day and come the hour
The roar of shells and guns and tanks
Increase the profits in the banks
Of Arms companies and their greed
Who rub their hands while others bleed.
This is no cynical left wing view
It's what the rich and callous do..

Heed, dear Sir, the consequences
Bold rhetoric and pretenses
Do not ignore the public view
Our will is given o'er tae you
And laws are meant to be obeyed
E'en if you think we can be swayed
By propaganda or by fear
You will bring terrorism here -
Pandora's box you'll open wide
Unleashing all that lies inside
Each spore of hatred that exists
Will spread like cancer that persists
Fear will stalk every subway train
And Panic ride on every plane
Each sky-rised building and tower
Will be seen as seats of power
The mighty gung-ho Western world
Will make the Hell in which we're hurled.
Civilisations rise and fall
Are you to be our curtain call?

Obey international law -
Even Saddam Hussain will fa'
Encourage his people to rise
Let Freedom be their goal and prize.
Ne'er envy them the oil they've got
The U. S. buys almost the lot..

Ah! Tony, if this you should read
Ambition is a dang'rous creed -
Your fame when the battle rages
May fall in history's pages,
When the next generation write
How you did what you thought was right
How Terrorism came to town
Now the Free world is shutting down
When Fear and Death is all our plight
Like the day retreats from eternal night!!!

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