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Tonight, I Heard an Angel ©

Hamish M Anstruther

On hearing Nicola Benedetti, the young Scottish violinist, playing with the National Symphony Orchestra of Scotland at the Glamis Castle Prom in August.

That summer night of joy soared on
With music of rare inspiring tone
Compelling us to stay till dawn
To bind our hearts with her alone

How moving, how thrilling, how short,
So sadly short, was that drenching night
When the western sky did exhort
But rain caused sunset to fade from sight

Yet within that damp Shakespearian moment
What an acclaimed feast of musicality
The greatest gift of sound intent
By one who masters technicality

Her poise, her beauty, her friendly smile,
Double stops, spiccatos, Rondos, and more,
Each performed with grace and style
And all the charm her fans adore

Ten thousand hands raised in applause
Enough to shake the Castle stand
But more proudly to praise the special cause
Of Nicola, 'priceless angel of Scotland'

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