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Tolerance Be My Guide ©

H Marshall

Illuminate the path that I may freely walk.
Waste not my time with negative talk.
Charge me not for slips of ignorant folly.
Elevate my spirit and guard me from melancholy.

Observe my humble expressions of gratitude.
Respect my agitated moods and solitude.
Wipe my eyes when they are dimmed with tears.
Forgive my heart's turmoil and occasional fears.

Attend the splendour of my transient dreams.
Accept my fragmented destiny is not what it seems.
Dispel from within, my fearful superstitions.
Dissipate my uncertain, childlike inhibitions.

Demand that I afford you the most profound courtesy.
Dispense an antidote for opinions voiced too easily.
And if I am presumptuous, and look at you askance,
Permit me not, each, and every instance.

Discourage all the obscure things I thought I needed.
Ignore the motives on which these acquisitions proceeded.
Have patience with me, during moments of greed.
Guide my hand to take, only what I need.

Challenge my soul to tolerate all religions.
Accept not prejudice, bigotry or divided regions.
Plague me not with cronies, corruption, or favour.
Help me prosper on the fruits of my own labour.

Grant me the right to novels, poems and plays.
Irrigate my mind with reading all my days.
Consider my contribution, no matter how unintelligible.
Encourage my masterpiece, no matter how improbable.

Engage my pursuits in the country picturesque.
Drag my feet away from the boring city desk.
Instill in me, natural simplicity and common manner.
Remind me of my ancestor's loyalty to the banner.

Restrain my profligacy, if I gain an embarrassed fortune.
Discipline my dealings, that I may play a generous tune.
Inspire in me compassion for my fellow man.
Tolerate my confusion, when I do not understand.

Protect me from the tendency, to extravagant length.
Fortify my feeble frame, when I suffer failing strength.
Receive my heart-felt thanks, for all you've done for me.
Content yourself that I'll strive, for the best I can be.

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